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Programa para gestão de serviços de estafetas e transportes urgentes.

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Sistema de gestão de frotas, sistema de gestão de combustivel, controlo e gastos de frota

O Quickbox é um software que permite gerir os gastos da sua frota tais como manutenções, abastecimentos, portagens, despesas

Emitir guias transporte, software criar envios, software transportadoras, gestao transportes logistica, software gerir cargas

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Software para estafetas, software gestão estafetagem

Programa para gestão de serviços de estafetas e transportes urgentes.

O nosso programa permite gerir transportes internacionais.

EGEST Gestão de Envios

CTM Softingal

Cargo Castle transportadoras utiltrans

Plataforma de Gestão Online para Estafetas e Transportadoras


O software nº 1 Nacional para gestão de envios com integração total área de cliente.

PTEnvios - Gestão de Envios (Low Cost)

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CTM Cloud Transportation Management

EGEST - A melhor opção para gerir os seus envios

GO-Nav | FMS & TMS Software

aTrans - Logistic Software System

Gestão de Envios Low Cost

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FMS & TMS Software, Transport Management Software Solution, Fleet Management Software Solution

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Transportation Management Software (TMS)
Made for couriers
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Software developed for courier and
freight forwarding companies
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Cargo Castle is a software developed especially for Transport and Courier Companies that want a simple solution to automate their logistical processes.

Our solution allows a Transport Company to centralize its daily work in a single platform, avoiding the use of several programs or spreadsheets to control their work.

The Cargo Castle software allows any Transport Company, regardless of its size, to its size, to provide its customers with a simple online solution where they can Track & Trace your shipments, consult your shipments, make pick-up requests, refunds requests, refunds and invoicing value.

No need to install any additional software, allows you to configure per client, price lists, reimbursement listings and monthly invoicing value.

Features and Potentialities

Centralization of Operations
Have the entire system organized and accessible by your team, anywhere and through any device with minimal use of third-party applications.
Shipments, Pickups and Pick & Ship
Create Shipments, Pickup Orders or Pick & Ship services with Shipment Cost Preview and automatic of Shipment Cost and automatic issuance of Waybills or Labels.
Dedicated Web API
With a Web API dedicated to your shipping system, create a closer relationship with your your customers with process automation and tailor-made integrations.
Integration with other Carriers
Connect to external Carrier Webservices and stop using third-party software for the same purpose, thus keeping all shipments centralized in your system.
Integração com Sistema de Facturação
The system will be integrated with an invoicing software certified by the Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (AT), avoiding the duplication of work and reducing time on the Accounting side.
Android Application for Drivers
With our Android solution, your drivers will be able to manage their Pickups, Deliveries with the respective proofs and report incidences in real time.
Track & Trace Page
We provide Track & Trace to enable your customers share a direct link to the history of their shipments to be tracked throughout their logistics process.
Client Rate Templates
Configure Rate Templates according to Shipment type of Shipment, Destination, and based on Weight or Volume. Limit the creation of Shipments outside the predefined Templates.
Multiple Print Formats
We offer various formats of Bills, Labels and Manifests so that you can give you and your customers greater flexibility when printing.
Driver Cards
Possibility to generate Driver Cards with access (in QR-Code) to be able to authenticate in the application (Android) in a practical, fast and secure way.
Proof of Delivery
Emission of Delivery Proof Documents by the Drivers (in the Android Application), available in system (Real Time) in PDF format.
Import and Export
Import bulk Shipments and Customers using .xlsx, .xls or .csv formats. Export to Spreadsheet lists of shipments using advanced filtering.
Calculate Shipping Costs
Ability to calculate Shipment cost based on Rate Templates. Use Origin, Destination, Service Type, Volumes and Weight to preview the cost of your operations.
Guides and Labels with the Customer's Logo
Create a more robust image and give more credibility to the service with the possibility of displaying Customer Logos on your Transport Waybills and Labels.
Postal Code Management
Have a tighter control over Zip Codes by blocking or assigning the Routes that will be automatically assigned to the created Expeditions.

Adapts to your Business

Cargo Castle is a web-based, intuitive easy-to-use platform that adapts to your way of working.
Centralization of Operations
Have everything organized and accessible by your team, anywhere and through any device.
Connection to external carriers and
Invoicing Systems via Webservice
Possibility to integrate with external Carrier Webservices and Invoicing Systems.
Web page with integrated Track & Trace
Integrate Cargo Castle's Track & Trace into your Web site. If you do not yet have an institutional Web site, we can develop one with your company's image in mind.

Integrates with other Carriers

Automatically submits your shipments to other carriers' platforms.
Prints labels and automatically updates the status and weights of your shipments.
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Cargo Castle is a Transportation
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Integrates with an Invoicing System

Get invoices directly in the system and view the PDF without having to access the Invoicing Software. Synchronizes clients in an automatic way.
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The biggest advantage of Cargo Castle is the possibility of centralizing all shipments on a a single platform.

Your customers make their shipments in the customer area and regardless of the type of service chosen, the shipment is automatically submitted to the platform of another carrier of their without the client being aware of it.

The information about the status of another carrier's shipment is automatically updated in your customer area.

We currently have automatic integration with GLS International and Envialia.


If you already have a website, the Cargo Castle team can integrate it with our platform, so that your customers can access the customer area directly from your website.

If you do not have a site yet, we can quote you a price for its development.


We develop websites from scratch for all kinds of companies. You can develop your website when you hire our services or afterwards.


The software is suitable for any company that needs to internally manage its transport transport and logistics operations, even if your company is not a carrier.

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Cargo Castle is a Transportation
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